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Princeton Tree Care is a tree service company in Princeton, NJ committed to the ongoing upkeep and wellness of trees in our community. Whether you own a home or manage a commercial property, we are well-equipped to work with you to define your trees’ needs. Our services include emergency responses, like tree removals, as well as routine efforts to keep your trees healthy with plant health care, pruning, and more.

We have over a decade of experience collaborating with customers in Central New Jersey and Southeastern Pennsylvania. Our company began as a local, family-driven effort to assist our community in a time of need after Superstorm Sandy, and now, we’ve grown our skillset and team to accommodate the varied requirements of both the trees and people in the communities we serve.

Count on Princeton Tree Care to deliver best-in-class tree service with a customer-oriented approach. Call us now to get a free consultation for any of your tree care needs.

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Top-Notch Tree Services in Princeton, NJ and surrounding counties.

When a tree leans or shows signs of disease, it may be time to take it down. Work with our team of tree care experts to determine the correct course of action for your tree and fell it safely, no matter how technical the removal is.

Trimming and pruning are both part of our regular offerings for tree service in Princeton. We do not suggest you attempt trimming or pruning trees on your own; instead, rely on help from our experts to improve their health outcomes.

Get rid of stumps simply and efficiently with our stump grinding services. We have the tools required to make this process easy, so you can quickly use the space where your tree once stood again rather than looking at an ugly stump.

If a storm hits or unexpected damage occurs, you may be in need of emergency tree services. The team at Princeton Tree Care does our best to help you in the wake of a crisis and lessen the chance of an emergency in the first place.

We work with all sorts of businesses in Central New Jersey and Bucks County, PA, including managed properties and even local governments. Our team is ready to handle your unique tree needs and create a plan for your property today.

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As quality providers of tree service in Princeton and the surrounding areas, you can trust Princeton Tree Care to give expert guidance. We are here for our customers (and their trees) every step of the way, from consultation to clean-up.

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Our Service Area

New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the country, which means our landscape is filled with urban and suburban communities. However, there is still plenty of natural diversity here too, as few states can claim beaches along the ocean, Pine Barrens, and northern forests filled with oaks. We are lucky to have so many different types of trees throughout our landscape and also lucky to be based in a town like Princeton which values the care and preservation of those trees. We also serve the following cities:

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