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Winter Storm Warning: What You Need to Know

Expected to start Wednesday around 10am. Up to 24+ inches in parts of New Jersey and Pennsylvania with strong winds and drifting snow.

Here are some tips to keep you safe during this weather event.

1. Consider Where to Park your Vehicle

The weight from snow and ice accumulation can cause lots of strain on tree limbs. This can cause limbs to break and trees to fail, causing damage to your vehicle, home, or other property. Also, snow and ice can sometimes fall from limbs, breaking windows and causing other types of damage. Its best to keep this in mind when parking your vehicle through the storm and the proceeding week.

2. Pine Trees Tend to Carry More Risk

Pine trees and pear trees tend to be more susceptible to storm damage than most other types of trees in our area. Check your property and the surrounding area for these trees and try to keep the surrounding areas clear!

3. Damaged Trees Can Tangle in Power Lines

Snow and ice can cause limbs to break off and get entangled in power lines, cable lines, and other utility lines. If this happens, DANGER! DO NOT attempt to move the limbs any service lines, instead call 911. You need to assume that all lines are active and can cause personal harm or even death.

4. Cleaning Up the Mess

Small broken limbs and debris can be cleaned by most willing homeowners, although caution should always be taken. Ice and snow paired with bending, lifting, and moving oddly weighted limb parts can cause slips and falls as well as muscle and back strain. Larger tree limbs and any broken limbs above head height should be handled by professionals familiar with safely removing storm-damaged trees. DANGER!DO NOT attempt to do any tree work from a ladder.

If you experience any tree-related storm damage, we are here to help.

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