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Why Should I Plant in the Fall?

Why Fall is the Best Time for Tree Planting ???

What Makes Fall a Good Time to Plant?

Newly planted trees need a little extra attention to get them off to a good start. Remember – in many cases, your tree has lost a good amount of its root system during transplanting.

In most areas of the U.S., the dry days of summer have passed but freezing temperatures have not yet arrived. The moderate daytime temperatures, cool nights, warm soil and increased rainfall means right now is the perfect time for tree planting in New Jersey.

One of the most common misconceptions of fall planting is that it is too cold to plant in the late fall. In reality, fall planting is preferred in many areas because it gives seedlings more time to establish their root systems and acclimate to the warm weather in the spring and summer. Because trees go dormant in the winter, they require little to no care.

At the Arbor Day Foundation, they intentionally wait until after the first frost before shipping out our trees during the fall season. This ensures the trees are dormant when they arrive.

Although it is cold outside, trees can be planted until the ground is frozen solid. If you’re able to stick a spade in the ground, you’re still able to plant your trees.

Pro Tip: to make it easier to plant in the fall, pre-dig your holes before your trees arrive and store the soil from the holes in a garage or tool shed to prevent it from hardening.

Be sure to mulch and water your tree after planting. Mulch is important to retaining moisture. But it’s also important in the fall to prevent the possibility of freezing and thawing that can lead to frost heaving

resources credit Arbor Day Foundation.

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