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Why Become a Planned Tree Care Member?

Membership in Planned Tree Care is your proactive next step in planning for the care and health of your trees.

What is PTC’s Planned Tree Care?

Membership is free to be a part of and is based around the philosophy of KARMA. As long as you are happy with the service we are providing in the care of your trees, we’ll continue to care for your trees.

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

Time Release Nutrient Installments

Tree Nutrient Spikes

for your trees that are included in the plan. Installments are performed each spring, summer and fall. The nutrient installments are billed at $30 per tree, per visit and in some cases $45-$60 for a single tree.

An Ongoing Health Report

is logged on each visit and provided to you on each of your trees that we are caring for. We’ll also notify you of trees that should be added to the plan or trees that require attention that are not part of the plan.

Light Courtesy Tree Maintenance

will be provided on the trees being nourished at no additional cost. This includes the correction of a girdling root, the removal of a dead branch that can be reached by one of our Crew members from the ground with hand pruning tools or a pole saw, or the application of prune seal to an open wound on the tree.

Planned Tree Care Membership Discounts

entitling you to 15% off on all future tree work, including center pruning, structural pruning, tree removal, stump grinding, emergency services, etc. The PTCM discount will take effect after your second nutrient installment and does not apply to tree injections.

Preferential Treatment

during inclement weather.

Add-On Tree Maintenance

Occasionally while on our scheduled nutrient installment visits we will come across problems with your trees that require care. If the care needed is outside the scope of light courtesy tree maintenance, and doesn’t warrant a visit from our tree crew, this care will be provided during the time of the visit as an add-on service. This add-on service will be added to the invoice. Before and after photos will be emailed for reference. If the care needed to keep your trees in optimal health is considerable and would require additional crew beyond that of our nutrient installment team, you will be notified of these services as well as the associated costs.

If you would like an assessment for our Planned Tree Care Program for becoming a member, fill out a contact form here:

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