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Why Air Spade: Reason Two

Exposing the root flare can provide our arborist with valuable information regarding the general health or structural integrity of your tree

Reason 2: Air Spading Exposes the Roots for Inspection and Pruning

The root flare or root collar of a tree is the area where a tree begins to taper outward at ground level. This is a critical part of the tree where trunk tissue changes into root tissue. If this area is covered with soil and kept moist for extended periods of time, the tissue begins to breakdown. This leaves the tree vulnerable to root decay and ultimately poor health and vigor.

Base investigation is needed when an arborist suspects deterioration of root tissue. Since roots can not be seen above the surface, the only way to confirm this suspicion is to excavate the soil and inspect the root structure.

Proper root pruning will encourage future growth and minimize negative impacts to structures or utilities. Once the existing roots have been excavated, a certified arborist can easily determine the best places to make clean cuts using a hand pruner.


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