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Which Trees Require the Most Water?

Here are some trees that require a large amount of water to sustain themselves and flourish in the best way possible.

Trees are organisms that require a lot of nutrients to be able to survive and flourish within nature. They not only physically require a lot of it to survive, but just like flowers and plants, they enjoy and thrive with water.

While trees in general require a lot of water to sustain themselves, some trees are greedy and tend to swallow up more water than they actually need. If you have one of the following trees in your backyard or nearby your area you’ll be able to tell. Surrounding plants, trees, bushes and so on will look dried out since the tree in particular is taking up majority of the water.

River Birch Tree

How to Grow and Care for a River Birch Tree

The river birch tree is a beautiful and peaceful-looking tree, although it needs a lot of water. While it can be adaptable, it really thrives in beside creeks or moist lowlands.

This river birch tree requires actually needs quite a bit of space to grow. This can result in the River Birch Tree taking over an entire patch of landscape, so be careful where you plant it. It’s not recommended to plant it close to your home, lawn or septic tank.

Willow Oak Tree

Willow oaks are known as shade trees, they come from a family of oak trees, this willow oak is the perfect choice for urban areas since it grows fairly quickly.

Swamp White Oak Tree

Swamp white oak trees can live over three centuries, it grows around 60-feet tall and as you guessed it, requires a lot of water. Just like the river birch tree, it grows best alongside creeks and lowlands and is not affected by weather conditions easily.

Weeping Willow Tree

As the most beautiful tree on the list, the weeping willow tree deserves a lot of water. When planted alongside water, it will grow the best. However, be sure not to plant this massive species close to a septic tank or any field lines, as it will drain the water resources that surrounds it.

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