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When to Start Watering Your Trees for the Spring

Proper tree care is an important factor to growth. It is your job to be able to take care of your plants accordingly.

Start Watering Trees in Spring

Water is incredibly important for trees as they work to create and grow new leaves and flowers. When you water your trees at the right time, you encourage a healthy growing season. So the bigger question is, when’s the best time to water your trees in spring?

To start, trees need water before their leaves bloom. Depending on where you live and the climate, that date can be anywhere from mid-March to early May. Watering is needed only if the weather has been exceptionally dry. If the soil feels moist four to six inches deep, either from recent rains or snowmelt, you should be OK. If the soil seems a bit dry, follow these guidelines:

If you live in a colder area, the best time to water your trees is between late winter and early spring. Make sure to hydrate your trees after the ground thaws out but even before temperatures get warm. Warm weather encourages new growth.  Small spurts of growth here and there are nothing to worry about, but you should aim to start watering your trees well before their leaves and flowers are fully grown.

If the ground doesn’t freeze in your area, plan to water your trees as soon as the days start to get warmer and longer.

Common Tree Watering Questions

How Much Water Does a Tree Need Everyday?

A tree that was newly planted would need about 20 gallons of water every week to be able to be nourished correctly and grow healthy and strong. Though once a tree has matured, the amount if water it needs won’t be nearly as much as 20 gallons. If you’d like to know the exact amount take a look at the topic we cover below called “Does Anything Change with the Age of the Tree?”

Quick Guide to Watering Trees in Wisconsin by M&M Tree Care

How Often Should You Water Them?

You should water your trees when they seem thirsty! An easy way to know for sure is to dig about 3-6 inches into the soil of where your trees planted. If it feels dry to touch, it’s safe to say that it may need a bit of watering.

How to Properly Water Them

Using a hose or a sprinkler are both great ways to water your trees but if you’re curious using a drip irrigation could be an easier, cost effective choice for you instead. Drip irrigation provides a slow measured flow of water that goes straight to your tree roots. It is made to deliver the perfect amount for your trees.

Does Anything Change with the Age of the Tree?

Surprisingly, yes! As a tree ages it’s watering requirements will change as well. If you would like to know how much you should be giving your tree according to age, take a look at this blog post from Davey: Proven Solutions for a Growing World.

Is There a Good Time of Day to Water Them?

The best time to water your trees would be in the morning.

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