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What is Air Spading and Why is it Important? Here’s Reason One:

Air Spading is a unique technique used to investigate tree roots. It is important to the health of your tree and here's why:
What is Air Spading?

Air Spading is a unique technique used to investigate tree roots for various reasons. It involves using an “air spade” tool which omits compressed air pressure to expose the trees roots in a manner that’s less harmful than conventional spading methods.

Reason 1: Air Spading Loosens the Soil in a High Foot Trafficked Area

Compaction can be the result of simple everyday vehicle or foot traffic over the roots leading to the gradual compaction of pore spaces within the soil structure. This prevents the penetration of root growth and water through the soil, whilst affecting the bioactivity and nutrient recycling process that should take place within the soil.

When the root zone of a tree lives in compacted soil, the rest of the tree is negatively affected. Without the proper flow of nutrients and water moving through the root system, trees become stressed. In turn, that stress opens trees up to insect and disease problems that they would otherwise be able to fight off.  

The process involves a large Air Compressor and an air spade being used to apply a high-pressure jet of air at 1500mph to the soil. This will loosen any compacted areas of soil, clear the fine roots and not damage any of the live parts of the tree!


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