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When you need safe and efficient tree removal in Princeton or the surrounding areas in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, give Princeton Tree Care a call. We offer both routine and emergency tree removal to address any safety, health, or general property concerns that arise.

You should only rely on the experts for tree removal, as this service can quickly become dangerous if performed by an amateur. Princeton Tree Care has served the local area for over a decade and consistently delivered top-notch service. We put our customers first and offer free consultations – we make sure you understand exactly what we’re recommending and why before you commit to a service.

What is Tree Removal?

In Princeton, tree removal is the process by which a tree is cut down, felled, or removed from a property. This may happen because a tree is a safety hazard, has been infected with a disease or pests, or because it has outgrown its space. Homeowners or commercial developers may also choose to remove trees that are in the way of building or property expansions.

We have improved efficiency by performing tree removals with cranes and yard-friendly equipment to remove tree debris. Tree removal as a process removes the majority of the tree but leaves the stump behind. Often, we recommend getting rid of the stump via a process called stump grinding.

We do not recommend attempting to remove a tree yourself. This is a professional service that requires the proper equipment, know-how, and safety precautions. The team at Princeton Tree Care is thoroughly trained in proper practices for taking down trees on your property.

Tree Removal
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How Does Tree Removal Work?

At Princeton Tree Care, we have a process for tree removal.

Since 2013, we’ve developed relationships with local municipalities and organizations, making it easier to undergo the process of tree removal.

Tree removal may sound simple, but it is truly a multi-step process. Here are some of the most common steps in the tree removal process.

Initial Consultation

We evaluate the tree in question on your property and offer a free consultation. During this analysis, we will determine whether or not a tree removal is necessary. Sometimes, if the concern is the tree’s health, a tree can be saved via other methods that are less drastic than removal. If this is the case, we almost always recommend the alternative method, whether it’s pruning or fertilization.


We will prepare the area for the tree removal in Princeton. We will take care of your surrounding landscaping and property to ensure they appear untouched after the service is completed.


From there, the actual removal of the tree will begin. We will use the proper equipment and take safety precautions to remove the tree with minimal disruption.

Through the use of cranes, grapple trucks, and other debris-handling equipment, we are able to remove fallen trees off of homes and structures while minimizing any additional damage. To get the tree off your property, we may cut it down into logs or grind it into woodchips.


After we finish taking the tree down, we will clean up any debris in your yard. We also offer stump grinding to get rid of the stump left behind. Our goal is to leave you with a space on your property that can be used again, rather than a blank space that simply reminds you of the tree that once was.

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