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If you live in Central New Jersey or Southeastern Pennsylvania, Princeton Tree Care is your best source for stump grinding services. After a tree is removed, it is best if the stump is ground down to a level below the surface of the soil, eliminating any above-ground evidence of the stump and effectively breaking up the root system. This completes the process of getting rid of an old tree and allows you to move on with new landscaping options.

Princeton Tree Care has offered stump grinding in Princeton and neighboring communities for over a decade as part of our full suite of tree services. Our team of talented professionals understands how to keep your trees healthy and your property looking beautiful.

Stump grinding contributes to both the health and appearance of your yard, as not only do old, rotting stumps look ugly, but they can also spread pests and diseases. Our primary concern is your safety and happiness, as well as the future prospects of your trees, so trust us to take care of the trees on your property today.

Stump Grinding
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The Problem With Keeping Stumps

You may wonder why we recommend stump grinding in Princeton, NJ. It’s the simplest, fastest way to get rid of a stump on your property without excavating. If we left behind the stump, you would encounter the following problems:

If you’d like to avoid any and all of the above, stump grinding is your answer. Princeton Tree Care is prepared to provide a free consultation for your stump grinding needs.

When to Get Stump Grinding Services

Let’s talk about when you should get stump grinding services. Here are some options, in order of our recommendation as tree care experts.

Right Away

We recommend getting stump grinding in Princeton right after a tree is removed. This makes the process easier for you, as you won’t have to worry about the stump later on. You can immediately use the space where the tree once was again, although you will not be able to plant another tree in the exact same place. Trees will struggle to grow in that location, as the root system of the old tree will still exist underground. The hole from the stump will be filled with a mixture of wood chips and soil, which is also less conducive to healthy tree growth. However, this space can be used for plant beds, sod, or other landscape features.

When the Stump Becomes a Hazard

Ideally, you will have the stump removed before this point. However, if you find yourself in this position, call us right away at (609) 853-5572. We will work with you to grind the stump, so it is no longer a danger to the people on your property. You will know a stump has become a hazard if it develops mold, attracts pests, or if you believe someone may easily trip over it.

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