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At Princeton Tree Care, we provide solutions to improve and promote the health outcomes of your trees, whether it is a showy flowering Dogwood or the state tree, the Red Oak. When the trees on your property are properly cared for, they will not only live longer, but they will also look better.

As advocates for tree health and community tree care in our local environment, we use techniques intended to get rid of invasive pests, improve the quality of the soil, and address the root cause of diseases. With over a decade in business, we know our way around local trees and provide tested solutions.

Deep Root Fertilization

A good nutrition plan extends the life and improves the aesthetics of our arbor friends. This starts with the soil that fosters the initial and ongoing growth of a tree.

Yard trees may lack basic nutrition from the soil. Our deep root fertilization not only provides the trees a boost in essential nutrients, but it also acts as a soil conditioner. This is just one part of a comprehensive plant health care plan, but it is a critical one.

Improved soil welcomes earthworms, encourages stronger tree roots, and greatly improves the tree root biomass. We deeply believe that healthier trees improve the communities around New Jersey.

Plant Health Care in Princeton
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