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Emergency tree service in Princeton and the surrounding areas may include tree removals, pruning, or storm clean-up services. We also respond to possible pest infestations and tree diseases with urgency, especially invasive species like the Emerald Ash Borer and Spotted Lantern Fly.

If you are concerned about your safety due to a tree (or trees) on your property, give Princeton Tree Care a call at (609) 853-5572. We have over a decade of experience delivering emergency responses, maintaining our signature personalized customer service and attention to detail in the process. Next time you encounter a tree emergency, do not panic! Instead, rely on Princeton Tree Care to take care of the problem for you.

Our Storm Services

Princeton Tree Care offers services before and after storms to help you proactively prepare and restore safety after an emergency. Storms, especially hurricanes, can be stressful and cause major damage to your trees and property. Luckily, you’ll have the assistance of experts like the team at Princeton Tree Care to help minimize the potential harm to your trees and property.

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Storm Preparation

In Princeton, storm preparation is an important part of your emergency prevention and preparedness strategy. Thunderstorms, hurricanes, and rainstorms with high winds are most likely to impact your trees in New Jersey. Ice and snow can also weigh down branches and damage your trees.

As the Atlantic hurricane season lasts from June through November, it is important to have a tree service professional look at your trees in the late winter or early spring. This is both the best time for annual trimming and pruning and a strategic time for storm prep. As we help you prepare for a storm, we will suggest services that improve the structural integrity of your trees, like pruning or cabling and bracing.

Storm Clean-Up

Princeton Tree Care began in the wake of a storm, as our founders assisted our community after Hurricane Sandy. We continue the tradition by aiding the residents and businesses of Princeton with storm clean-up. We clear away debris and remove trees and branches that have become safety hazards as a result of a storm.

What Qualifies as a Tree Emergency?

You may still not know when to call a professional tree service company about a tree on your property. Don’t wait if you believe a tree poses a threat to your safety. Even if the fix is simple, it’s best to have a professional look at the tree and assess it. The following could constitute a reason for emergency tree service in Princeton or the surrounding areas:

If you believe a tree is a danger to yourself, your family, other residents or employees on your property, or even to other trees, contact us immediately. We will help you understand the severity of your specific situation and the urgency required to deal with it. We offer free consultations and will first assess the tree in question. If it is an immediate danger, we will respond accordingly.

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