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Combat Soil Compaction With Help From Princeton Tree Care

Trees get their water and nutrition from the soil. Trees thrive when the health of the soil is good. In our yards and along streets, the soil around trees’ root systems becomes compacted from foot traffic, lawnmowers, and other types of general wear.

When this happens, the soil quality diminishes. Air spading is one method to improve the quality of the soil by loosening it. Soil compaction is most common in urban environments, and New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the country, so we are no stranger to compacted soil here. This is why the team at Princeton Tree Care has mastered air spading as a way to care for your trees and improve their general quality of life.

Air Spading
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What is Air Spading?

Air spading makes use of a compressed air jet. By blasting air through compacted soil, air spading loosens the soil, making it crumblier and creating room for air and water to flow. This is better for the roots of your plants, as they will have more access to water and will more easily absorb it as well.

Air spading does not harm the roots of the plant, and is a simple process that does truly impact the health outcomes of your plants and trees. If you notice your trees are struggling, but cannot identify the reason why, contact the experts at Princeton Tree Care.

We offer free consultations and will determine exactly what is going wrong with your trees. If air spading can solve the problem, we are happy to provide you with a quick, easy solution. You will notice improved tree growth in no time as a result of our efforts.

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