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Princeton Tree Care x The West Windsor 5,000 Families Initiative

Help us raise $5,000 to support The West Windsor 5,000 Families Initiative!

Our family at Princeton Tree Care would like to thank you for the support over the last year, throughout one of the toughest times we, as society, have faced. While the future looks hopeful for the coming year, we still have local members of our community struggling and in need of assistance. Therefore, we are asking YOU for help!

Princeton Tree Care has partnered with The West Windsor 5,000 Families Initiative to help local West Windsor restaurants and provide 10,000 meals to Trenton’s food insecure. 

Princeton Tree Care is aiming to raise $5,000 for the cause, matching donations up to $2,500. Additionally, for every dollar donated through our link, we will be donating 1 tree to the Arbor Day Foundation in an effort to replant trees in our national parks. Please help support our community! 

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