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Trees Growing Next to Your House: What You Should Know

Trees, like most plant life, have a mind of their own. Their roots will grow towards areas of the least resistance, which may include the side of your home.

As a homeowner, seeing the tip of a tree’s root structure growing towards your home can be concerning.

Conventional wisdom should tell you that if a tree’s roots grow into the side of your home, it can cause significant structural damage.

Is It a Threat?

You don’t have to necessarily remove a tree just because it’s growing next to your house. Unless it’s causing structural damage or has a high probability of causing damage, it’s probably best to leave it (though monitoring it regularly).

In some cases, trees growing close to a house are beneficial. They provide natural shade, thereby lowering your home’s cooling costs during summer.

Tree roots emerging through the soil can also protect your home’s foundation from runoff. They’ll work to block rainwater, preventing it from reaching the side of your home.

Trees also provide aesthetic value to your home’s landscape. They enhance the landscape by adding new color and visual appeal.

Some studies have even found that adding trees to a home’s landscape increases its selling value, presumably because of the benefits trees offer.

On the other hand, some trees can cause significant damage if they grow too close to a home. The expanding root system can break through driveways and sidewalks, causing extensive damage that’s difficult and costly repair.

Additionally, roots can cause or contribute to cracks in the foundation. As the roots press against the foundation, it increases pressure while stressing the foundation in the process. Once enough pressure has built up, the foundation will crack.

Removing Trees Close to Your Home

If a tree is damaging your home or has the potential to damage your home, you should take immediate action to remove it. Ignoring it won’t make the problem go away. A hairline crack in your foundation can quickly expand while threatening other parts of your home in the process.

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