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Here’s When Fall Leaves Will Peak In Your Region

Find out when your leaves will start to change

fall leaves
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Don’t forget to spend some time in nature! Let the 2019 US fall foliage forecast help.

We are living in interesting times. People are experiencing record levels of job burnout, current politics are stressful, and news about the climate crisis makes it hard to relax.

Which is why it is crucial to get a dose of nature!

Spending time in nature is a scientifically proven way to boost both emotional and physical wellbeing. And fall is a great time to be taking advantage of Mother Nature’s health benefits; summer’s heat has passed and winter’s frigid grip has yet to take hold.

Plus, of course, the leaves! It is the time when trees explode in spasms of surreal vibrancy, their swoon-worthy parting gift as decreasing chlorophyll allows the other pigments to shine. Soon enough, the trees will lose their leaves and we will be left with beautiful, albeit bleak, winter landscapes. So the time is now to enjoy the leaves.

And thankfully, we have AccuWeather’s 2019 fall foliage forecast to help.

fall foliage map

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Aside from the timing indicated in the map above, here is a bit more information on what else to expect.

New England

The New England region should reach its peak in the first half of October. “Vibrancy should be better than last year, though, as this summer was not as wet and we expect a drier fall,” says AccuWeather Meteorologist Max Vido.


The region will crawl into autumn due to above average temperatures through September. “Similar to last year, it may be a slow start to color in the Northeast given the warmer-than-normal weather forecast for most of the end of September,” says Vido. Although the leaf season will be shorter – it will be a colorful season nonetheless.

Mid-Atlantic, Tennessee Valley and Southeast

Like in the northeast, warmer weather throughout September and into October will probably delay the arrival of fall foliage over the mountains. Elsewhere, however, the colors should arrive on time – late October or early November.


Those in the midwestern states can expect a vibrant and long-lasting display., thanks to summer rainfall and temperatures being close to normal. That said, there is some risk that active weather could hamper the display.

“Perhaps there’s a slightly higher chance for early leaf drop caused by wind events in October,” Vido adds.

Northern Rockies

All is on schedule for a vivid display without delay.


Another victim of a warm fall, the northwest will get some bright colors in, but likely later than normal.

The West

The majestic aspens will flip their switches in the coming weeks, but it won’t be a spectacular year. “It was a pretty dry monsoon season, especially across the region where they grow in Colorado and Utah. This could mean colors are duller than usual this season,” notes Vido.

For our Canadian readers, I couldn’t find one neat and tidy source for fall colors, but here is a great summary of forecasts arranged by region.

For more on all things weather, visit AccuWeather. And for fall lawn and garden information, see related stories below.

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