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Happy Arbor Day

Happy Arbor Day. We are blessed to have the opportunity to care for our life-giving trees.
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Happy Arbor Day

Leading up to Arbor Day I have been reflecting on Princeton Tree Care’s humble beginnings not too many years ago.

Since 2013, we have been focused on the care of our life-giving trees. Our efforts have been on educating our community and all those within our voice on the importance of proper and proactive tree care.

We strongly believe that each of us can be a catalyst for change and that our efforts can have a ripple effect that goes far beyond our comprehension.

Leading up to this arbor day, we have decided to start a fundraising campaign to raise money to donate to arbor day in an effort to restore canopies in our national forests that were lost due to disaster.

With gratitude, I am happy to share that with the help and support of our clients and community, we have raised enough money to make a donation to The Arbor Day Foundation that will allow for the planting of 12,000+ trees. Restoring our tree canopy is essential for sustainability on our beautiful planet.

It is our goal to inspire those within the reach of our voice to Plan(t) for the Future. Thank you to those that have helped in being a champion for our trees. Click here if you’d like to join our effort by making a donation to plan(t) for the future.

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