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Good Old Chaps

Safety is highly important when working with any type of machinery. With chain saws, you have to protect your legs and here's why...

Safety gear is a must-have when using a chainsaw. Its impressive force should not be taken lightly. When you’re cutting a piece of wood you can protect your legs by wearing chaps. They’re a type of pant covering that is strapped around the waist, calves, and ankles. The inside of chaps are made of ballistic fibers that gets caught on the chain and hitches on the engine, causing it to stop.

As a result, it prevents the chainsaw from passing through the chaps material and going through the jeans or pants the person is wearing underneath. Also, it restricts the chain to penetrate into the flesh preventing from injuries and wounds. You can click on this link to find the same chaps to the left and more.

Don’t believe me that chaps are important? Just check out some sweet videos on chaps. They will prove you wrong. I’ll put down the links below on some videos that impressed me. Next time you’ll use a chainsaw, you might want to throw on some chaps.


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