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Fall is a great time to plant trees

Take advantage of the cooler weather for tree planting

While most people think of spring as the time to plant, fall is a great season for getting trees in the ground. The cool temperatures mean less stress on the trees and less watering for you. Planting in the fall can also give trees time to establish a strong root system before the heat of the summer sets in. 

Looking for a few fall tree planting tips? 

Plant bare-root trees after they have gone dormant. If you order bare-root trees from The Arbor Day Foundation’s Tree Nursery, your order will be shipped once they go dormant. Potted trees, however, can be planted sooner. 


Get trees in the ground before it’s completely frozen. As long as you can get your spade in the dirt, you’re okay to plant 

Dig before the trees are delivered. It’s a good idea to pre-dig your holes and store the soil in a garage or shed to keep it workable. This will make for easier planting all around. 

Create a mulch barrier. Covering the ground with wood chips or straw will help protect trees from fluctuating temperatures and loss of moisture. Just be sure to keep the mulch from laying against the trunk. 

The Arbor Day Foundation’s Tree Nursery is accepting orders for fall delivery well into November. Now might just be the best time to add another tree or shrub to your yard. 

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