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Employee Spotlight- Josh Deveney

Meet Crew Member, Josh Deveney.

Meet Crew Member, Josh Deveney.

Q: How did you first hear about Princeton Tree Care?

“I first heard about Princeton Tree Care through my brother, Steve, who is a Crew Captain at the company.”

Q: What has been your proudest moment/accomplishment with the company?

“My proudest moment was when I did my first crane job this past summer with Steve, Jose, and Anthony.” 

Q: Favorite movie?


The Wolf of Wall Street

Q: What would you do if you won the lottery?

“I would buy an Acura NSX.”

Q: What is your favorite memory?

“My first time using a chainsaw.”

Q: Favorite animal?

“A penguin.”

Q: Favorite musician/ band? 


Q: If you could have any one superpower, what would it be? 


Q: Favorite food?


Q: Favorite team/ sport?

“Eagles, football.”

Q: Nickname?

“Charlie Sheen.”

Q: Something you one day want to cross off your bucket list?

“I want to travel around Europe.” 

Q: Anything else you want us to know about you?

“I’m the youngest person at the company!!” 

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