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Employee Spotlight – Greg Guagliardo

Meet Crew Member, Greg Guagliardo!

Q. How did you first hear about Princeton Tree Care?

“Tim purchased Stonaker Tree Service.”

Q.  What has been your proudest moment/accomplishment with the company?

“Our crew did a million dollars profit in work.”

Q. Favorite part of working at Princeton Tree Care?


Q. Favorite Movie? 


Q. What would you do if you won the lottery? 

“Keep working.”

Q. Biggest Challenge/Accomplishment? 

“Associate degree in Automotive Technology.”

Q. Favorite animal? 


Q. Your hero? Why?

“My Dad. He survived a long battle with cancer.”

Q. If you could have any one superpower what would it be? 

“Not to feel pain.”

Q. Favorite food? 


Q. Favorite team? Sport? 

“Yankees Baseball.”

Q. Nickname? 

“Captain Red Beard.”

Q. Biggest pet peeve? 

“Not cleaning or maintaining your equipment.”

Q. Who or what makes you smile? 

“My Girlfriend.”

Q. Something you want to one day cross off your bucket list? 


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