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Employee Spotlight – Gabi Bautista

Meet Princeton Tree Care's Customer Service Specialist, Gabi Bautista

Q. How did you first hear about Princeton Tree Care?

“From a family member.”

Q.  What has been your proudest moment / accomplishment with the company?

“Gaining positive feedback from clients through our social media platforms & calls.”

 Q. Favorite part of working at Princeton Tree Care?

“My Coworkers.”

Q. Favorite Movie? 

“Sound of Music.”

 Q.  What would you do if you won the lottery? 

“Invest & buy a home.”

 Q. Favorite memory? 

“Family trips in the summer.”

 Q. Biggest Challenge/Accomplishment? 

“Always getting back up & keep trying even when I fail.”

 Q. Favorite animal? 


Q. Favorite musician/band? 

“Whitney Houston.”

Q. If you could have any one super power what would it be? 

“The ability to fly.”

Q. Favorite food? 

“Colombian food.”

Q. Favorite team? Sport? 

“Celtics (Basketball).”

Q. Nickname? 


Q. Biggest pet peeve? 

“Driving slow in the left lane.”

Q. Who or what makes you smile? 

“My dog Chispita.”

Q. Something you want to one day cross off your bucket list? 

“Travel all over the world.”

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