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Create New Family Easter Traditions with Nature!

As a nod to the rebirth of Earth, we invite you to consider some greener Easter traditions this year.
eggshell planters

It is one of our favorite times of year because it marks a time of rebirth and renewal. The images of eggs, colorful flowers, lambs, nests, and baby bunnies are like a breath of fresh air. As a nod to the rebirth of Earth, we invite you to consider some greener Easter traditions this year.

There’s more to Easter than buying oodles of chocolate and plastic toys for the children, consider these fresh, eco-friendly ideas that are fun for the whole family!

1. Sow Seeds in Eggshells.
Many seeds are fast growing, and are easy and inexpensive to grow—and what better way to celebrate spring than sowing some seeds? Because you are a friend of wildlife, sow some special seeds for pollinators in eggshell planters—and start a new family tradition! The containers are biodegradable, supply the growing plant with nutrients, can be placed directly in the soil at transplant time, and are free to those of us that already eat eggs (or if you have laying hens, even better!).

Starting seeds in eggshell planters at Easter time is such a sweet and traditional symbol of the season, and growing flowers in them over many weeks is so much more satisfying and eco-friendly than a Cadbury cream egg (although, who doesn’t like one of those?!).

Save the Bees Wildflower Mix – Grow Organic

2. Give “Save the Bees” Seed Packets.
The Easter baskets of today are typically overflowing with plastic “grass”, hollow chocolate bunnies, jellybeans, and plastic toys. Instead, share a beautiful packet of

pollinator seeds. With a pretty ribbon around the packet, this will make the recipient smile with the promise of colorful flowers.

If you want to create a greener Easter basket, include kid’s gardening tools and gloves, some brown crinkle paper, and other more eco-friendly options. There are many great ideas on Pinterest and beyond.

3. Transplant Your Easter Lily Outside.
Ah, the Easter Lily – I can smell it now! The local grocery stores and shops are filled with this gorgeous tropical flower. For more info on transplanting click here.

4. Pick flowers and leaves to decorate your own Easter egg

Easter egg nature collages - Kidspot

5. Enjoy a Nature Scavenger Hunt

Nature Walk for Toddlers  Nature Scavenger Hunt image 0

Getting outside with the family can create many fun memories for all ages! 

Here’s an example of fun things to watch for on your walk! See if you can find these nature items! Feel free to add your own! 

Sometimes protecting the earth can seem overwhelming. But there are things we can do to make the world a better place for native wildlife.

We wish you all a Happy Easter and hope that you can create these new traditions with your family to appreciate the beauty of nature! 


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