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Consider Cabling Trees on Your Property to Promote Healthy Growth

Fragile branches cabled together

Cabling can support young trees to promote healthy growth. This process can also be effective on an older tree that has a wide, spreading canopy. Finally, fruit trees can benefit from cabling support that will protect them until harvest.

Note the Angle of the Crotch of the Tree

Anywhere that a branch splits off the trunk of the tree is known as a crotch. If this crotch is both low on the trunk and at a wide angle, there’s a stronger chance of breakage as the tree grows.

Many trees that feature the open crotches described above offer terrific shade. As a tree grows, there’s a chance that a crotch can split in a high wind. As the weight of the branch grows and the tree ages, small cracks may develop in the angle and put the tree at risk for disease or pests.

Should a branch break, the tree could become badly out of balance. It may survive the current storm, but the winds in the next one may be from the other direction. To protect both the tree and your property, cabling the tree may be the best option.

Cables Make Balance Simple

When a tree is cabled, the pressure on the tree where the branch meets the trunk is greatly reduced. Even if the tree produces a crop of fruit, the branches will benefit from this support and thrive until harvest.

This protection will require maintenance. Many trees with a wide canopy benefit from staying cabled throughout their life span. As they grow, the cables will need to be adjusted.

Watch Your Trees

If you cable your trees because a split or fracture has appeared, make sure you monitor the trees in the coming years. These splits can heal, but boring insects and stinging pests may choose to make a home there. It may become necessary to bring in a pest professional or a beekeeper to move a hive.

By taking the pressure off the tissue of the tree where the branch meets the trunk, you have a better chance of keeping the tree healthy. Detailed pruning in the years to come can encourage healthy growth up as well as out, providing you with a beautiful, spreading shade tree for many years.

If you’re concerned about how a tree in your Princeton, NJ yard is growing, make sure you consider cabling services from Princeton Tree Care to keep the tree strong and healthy. Even old trees can benefit from this support and continue to shelter your home.

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