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Common Invasive Pests to Watch Out For

Protect your trees from invasive pests this season. Learn how to identify and prevent their spread in our informative blog post.
  1. Emerald Ash Borer –
  1. Asian Long-Horned Beetle –

  1. Spotted Lanternfly –

Preventing the Spread of Invasive Pests

  1. Be Aware – Stay informed about the invasive pests that are prevalent in your area and learn how to identify them.
  2. Practice Good Tree Care – Healthy trees are less susceptible to pest infestations. Make sure to water and fertilize your trees as needed, and prune dead or diseased branches to promote overall tree health.
  3. Be Cautious – Avoid moving firewood and other tree materials from one area to another, as this can spread invasive pests to new areas.
  4. Report Infestations – If you suspect that your trees are infested with an invasive pest, report it to your local agriculture department or forestry service.

Protecting our trees from invasive pests is a collective effort. By staying informed, practicing good tree care, and being cautious, we can help prevent the spread of invasive pests and protect the health of our trees. If you suspect that your trees are infested with an invasive pest, report it immediately and seek professional help to address the issue. Let’s work together to protect our trees and ensure their longevity for future generations.

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