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Chainsaw & Chipper Safety Training

Take a sneak peek at our Chainsaw and Chipper Safety Training session!

Chainsaw & Chipper Safety Training

     As you may know, learning and progression is one of our core values here at Princeton Tree Care. We are always striving to be better at what we do. This includes being the most efficient and safe we can be. Our Team hosted a chainsaw and chipper training session where we went over the basic operations of the equipment, safety, maintenace and how to set up a safe work zone.

Chainsaw Basic Operations

Trainer led sessions covers crucial aspects of …

  • Safe cutting
  • Safe cutting zone
  • Proper work positioning
  • Under/Over cuts
  • Kickback zone
  • Cutting under compressed/decompressed wood
  • Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of safe cutting practices

Crew captain Byron handling the chainsaw

Chainsaw Maintenance

The trainer demonstrated

  • proper steps on how to take the chainsaw apart and how to put it back together
  • sharpening the chainsaw and explained the significance of rakers, guiders, and parts of chain.
  • how to clean the chain

Crew captain Alex handling the chainsaw

Chipper training

  • Basic Operations
  • Safety
  • Maintenance
  • Safe work zone set-up

Attendees gathered around the chipper demonstration

At the end of the session all attendees recieved the oportunity to earn 6 CEU’s (Continuing Education Units) by passing the end of session questionaire.

Test time for attendees

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