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For your safety, please take the following precautions...

Heavy rain and strong winds are a recipe for tree failure. Heavy rains soften the earth, making the trees more susceptible to uprooting during heavy winds. For your safety, please take the following precautions:

home • while home, be mindful of where the big trees are around your property and avoid spending time in areas of the home that are surrounded by your timber giants.

vehicles • it is common for tree limbs to break and fall during high winds. Whenever possible, avoid parking your car(s) beneath trees.

power • we are expecting power outages during this storm. You can prepare yourself for a power outage by:

  • having flashlights with fresh batteries handy
  • turning down the temperature of your refrigerator and freezer

High winds can cause limbs to break off and get entangled in power lines, cable lines, and other utility lines. If this happens, DANGER! DO NOT attempt to move the limbs any service lines, instead call 911. You need to assume that all lines are active and can cause personal harm or even death.

yard • high winds will turn your patio furniture into a flying object capable of causing property damage. To avoid damage or loss of your possessions, secure your belongings by bringing them indoors or strapping them down.

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