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Can My Trees Get Too Much Rain?

With the rainy weather today it can spark some questions on how much water your trees can take.

Rainy days can be a pleasure for some, the cloudy weather and the sound of rainfall can be a peaceful setting for the day. Though with exceeding rain, one can only wonder about the trees on the outside. While trees do love to be nourished with plenty amounts of water they still have a disliking to too much water given to them.

Continue reading out article to find out exactly what happens when a tree is given too much water for its liking.

The Impact of Rainfall on Trees

What exactly happens when trees receive too much water? Well, for starters their roots and leaves will in turn have a bad reaction and that can affect the health of the tree entirely. The roots of the tree need water to live and to thrive bur they also need oxygen. This may seem like news to some considering roots are typically packed under soil. Though, within the soil there are small spaces called pores that help the oxygen flow to the tree roots.

The only problem of this when it rains the small pores get plugged as the soil expands with moisture. Leaving the roots without oxygen. Without the exposure to oxygen that can cause issues that include rot, infections and more that will only weaken or even kill your tree.

Powdery Mildew – Identify and Cure - Watters Garden Center

With overly saturated soil as well your tree can suffer with similar issues. Their leaves will wilt and change color and diseases might even prey on them. You may spot some powdery mildew on your rain soaked leaves in indication of fungal disease.

Tree Growth and Rainfall

No matter the plant, too much water can stress the organism out as well as their ability to grow.

It can be difficult to tell if whether a tree who has lost its leaves will be able to grow them back and strengthen itself after a long rainfall. It can usually depend on how fast the soil dries and solidifies itself again.

How Much Rain is Too Much?

A few days of heavy rain won’t destroy a tree’s health. Though can above average rainfall that happens to stick around for more than a few days can seriously damage a trees health.

This can be frustration to know but it is simply almost impossible to know the exact amount of rain that can be labeled as “too much”.

With today’s rainfall, you can keep calm in knowing your tree’s health will not be in serious danger. Though it can always be a good idea to keep an eye on its leaves and overall health as Spring rolls around.

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