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Asian Longhorned Bettle

Learn about the risks of Asian Long-Horned Beetles and how to protect your trees from this invasive species with our informative blog.

Asian Long-Horned Beetles (ALHB) are a type of invasive beetle that poses a significant threat to trees in North America and Europe. These beetles have the potential to cause significant damage to trees by boring into the heartwood, which can ultimately lead to the death of the tree. It is important to be aware of the risks of ALHB infestations and to take steps to protect your trees.

One of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of ALHB is to avoid transporting firewood or other wooden materials from one area to another. This is one of the primary ways that ALHB spreads, as the beetles can easily hide in the bark and wood of infested trees. To prevent unintentionally spreading ALHB, it is important to purchase firewood locally and burn it in the same location where it was purchased.

In addition to avoiding the transport of wooden materials, it is important to inspect your trees regularly for signs of infestation. Look for exit holes in the bark and sawdust around the base of the tree, as these are common signs of ALHB infestations. If you suspect that your tree is infested with ALHB, it is important to contact us immediately to prevent further damage.

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