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Princeton Tree Care should be your choice for tree service in New Brunswick and beyond. We offer crucial, customer-oriented services with a deep focus on your needs. Of course, our goal is also the improved health and vitality of your trees! We offer everything from plant health care plans to air spading to tree removal. No matter the size or scale of the job, reach out — we work with residential, commercial, and government clients. Call us today to get a free consultation.

How to Choose a Tree Care Expert in New Brunswick

In New Brunswick, tree service should be tailored to your needs and the local environment. Keep an eye out for the following when you’re choosing a tree service provider:

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Questions About Our Services

Our customers often ask the following questions about our services.

Why is tree removal important?

Tree removal is important because it gets rid of trees that are putting you and other people on your property at risk. In our communities, trees can sometimes be affected by storms, including high winds, snow or ice, and rain, which may knock branches down or cause trees to become unstable. It is best to remove an unsteady tree before it falls, rather than waiting for it to inflict damage.

Trees may also be carriers of pests and diseases. A tree infected by an invasive species of pest could spread that bug to other similar trees in the area. We do what we need to save our trees and improve their health outcomes.

What is trimming, and how is it different from pruning?

Tree trimming removes branches and foliage from local New Jersey trees like Red Oaks, Pitch Pines, and Black Gum trees. Usually, this is to reduce the size of a tree so it better fits its space or simply looks better. For example, crown reduction can remove unruly branches from the top of a tree, reducing the height and also making the tree more stable.

Pruning, on the other hand, aims to improve the health of a tree. This might include a process like dead pruning, which removes any dead or dying branches from a tree. This is a critical part of your regular tree care in New Brunswick, NJ, and we suggest you do this at least once every few years.

Can I grind a stump myself?

Technically, yes, you can perform stump grinding yourself. This tree service in New Brunswick involves a machine called a grinder, which you likely don’t have at home. While they are available for rent, we do suggest you go with the professionals when grinding stumps on your property. A professional expert understands how to properly break up the root system of a tree. Trees can actually grow back from stumps if they are not properly treated, and stump grinders are dangerous tools if you don’t know how to work with them. This is why we recommend choosing assistance from Princeton Tree Care.

What should I do when a storm hits?

We all remember the devastation of Superstorm Sandy in New Jersey. If you’re nervous about what may happen if a future hurricane comes to our shores, keep calm. Princeton Tree Care has emergency tree services in New Brunswick, and we will get on the case immediately, whether you live in Raritan Gardens or near Rutgers University and Buccleuch Park.

How are commercial tree services different from residential?

Commercial tree service often requires dedicated attention from experienced tree service professionals. Of course, sometimes, a commercial property does not have many requirements, like small retail spaces or restaurants. However, oftentimes, the team at Princeton Tree Care works with large managed properties or alongside local governments to care for parks. This is much more involved than a standard residential tree service call.

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