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Don’t underestimate our ability to provide quality tree care in Hamilton Township. The pros at Princeton Tree Care understand what your trees need, from the initial planting through care as a sapling and young tree up to mature tree care. We focus on both the health and the appearance of your trees, both of which can impact each other, to find a perfect, balanced state for the trees on your property.

We have been in business for over a decade, and during that time, we have learned to provide customers with the services that truly help their trees, at a reasonable price. We offer free consultations and explain our services, so you can understand what you’re getting into before you sign a contract. Interested? Give us a call, and tell us about your goals for your trees today!

Commercial & Residential Services

Whether you have property in Hamilton Square, Yardville, or Extonville, we are prepared to support you. We offer services to commercial and residential property owners, managed properties, and municipalities.

Our standard tree services translate well into commercial services, but rest assured that we also provide detailed, personalized tree care plans for our commercial customers. We recognize that commercial properties have different needs and require ongoing attention, not just a one-time service. We aim to create a lasting relationship with you as we provide commercial tree services in Hamilton Township.

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Technical Tree Removals & Hard-to-Reach Locations

One of the primary components of our tree service in Hamilton Township is tree removal. We offer technical tree removals that take care of your trees in hard-to-reach places. Princeton Tree Care uses tracked lifts (also known as spider lifts) which are large aerial platform devices, to safely access tough-to-reach areas. Through our investment in skill development and equipment to make the job safer, our Team can assist in safely removing even the most technical of trees.

We have improved efficiency by performing tree removals with cranes and yard-friendly equipment to remove the tree debris. Our team is focused on protecting your property throughout the duration of your project. We use ground protection mats to help reduce our impact on your property.

Routine vs. Emergency Services

You can work with Princeton Tree Care for both routine and emergency services to care for your trees. Routine services involve thoughtful, planned care and maintenance for your trees. Emergency services are often in response to storms, diseases, or pests. They are reactive, rather than proactive.

Of course, in an ideal world, we would love to avoid emergencies. But they happen, even to those who prepare as well as they can for a hurricane or an ice storm. Sometimes nature is simply unpredictable, and when that happens, we do our best to keep you and your property safe.

Why Tree Trimming & Pruning Matter in Hamilton Township

Trimming and pruning trees is the best way to maintain them, prevent future emergencies, and promote healthy, vibrant growth. We recommend working with a local professional tree service company in Hamilton Township, NJ to ensure the best possible service. At Princeton Tree Care, we understand the needs and restrictions both of the trees themselves and the local government.

Sometimes, if a curbside tree is causing an obstruction, the local government will intervene and request trimming services on your behalf. Hamilton Township does this, although the expectation is that generally, you are in charge of maintaining curbside trees on your own property, which may include ongoing trimming and pruning.

Stump Grinding vs. Stump Removal

At Princeton Tree Care, we offer stump grinding services. Stump removal often refers to a specific service in which excavators dig up the entirety of a stump, including a tree’s old root system. Sometimes chemicals are also used in a stump removal. These are both invasive methods that have a negative impact on the environment and your existing landscaping.

Stump grinding gets rid of a stump aboveground and breaks down the root system so it dies and degrades over time. It involves much less work and does not disturb your yard in the same way as a full removal.

If you do need to plant a tree in the same exact location, you may need a stump removal, but otherwise, we do recommend getting stump grinding.

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