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Do you live in Franklin Township? You are in luck! Princeton Tree Care offers top-quality tree service in Franklin Township and the surrounding areas. We commit to customer satisfaction with every service delivered. Plus, we offer free consultations, so you can assess which services make the most sense for your budget before committing to anything.

Our team members specialize in a number of services, including technical and emergency tree removals, effective pruning, and pest control and treatment. You will be impressed with how your trees thrive after the Princeton Tree Care team takes over their management.

Our Tree Services

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Trimming & Pruning

Trimming and pruning are some of the best ways to care for your trees in Franklin Township. Tree service may seem like an unnecessary addition to your standard home or commercial maintenance plans, but we guarantee you’ll notice the difference that trimming and pruning make. Not only will your trees look better, but they will grow more effectively. They will also simply be safer. Trimming and pruning are a critical part of your storm preparations and can save a tree that might otherwise become unbalanced.

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Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is the simplest way to remove stumps from your yard. We recommend it as a tree service company in Franklin Township above any other methods of stump removal. You may be tempted to keep a stump, whether it’s because you want to turn it into a rustic stool or because you don’t want to go through the hassle of getting rid of it. Rest assured that it will be no hassle at all if you work with Princeton Tree Care.

Tree Removal

Tree removal is a critical process during which trees are felled and removed from your property. We highly recommend consulting with a professional tree expert before moving forward with tree removal, as it may require permits and should involve careful assessment of the tree.

Sometimes, removal is not the right solution for a tree. A tree that leans or tilts may be saved by strategic pruning or cabling and bracing to improve its structure. A tree with signs of disease or pests may be saved by treatments. A tree that seems to be dying may have improved health outcomes with air spading or deep root fertilization. However, sometimes tree removal is necessary when no other service will properly address the threat or problem posed by the tree.

Emergency Services

In an emergency, you can count on Princeton Tree Care. We offer emergency tree services, including both storm preparation and clean-up. This may be helpful in the case of a hurricane, thunderstorm, or other summer storm, but it’s also useful after major winter storms.

In Franklin Township, the average snowfall in January is around 12 inches. That’s a significant weight on our trees’ branches, which may result in changes in stability over the course of the winter.

No matter the reason, call Princeton Tree Care today when you need emergency tree service in Franklin Township, NJ.

Commercial Services

As both a residential and commercial tree service company, Princeton Tree Care offers our services to many commercial customers throughout the region, including managed properties and municipalities. We pride ourselves on the work we’ve done for commercial customers, and we have a dedicated team that works exclusively on managed property projects. This allows us to provide detailed plans for your property with tree health and plant care top-of-mind.

Air Spading

When the soil on your property gets compacted, it can affect the roots of your trees. Roots stuck in compacted soil have less access to water and air, which means they will struggle to absorb the things they need to thrive. You may notice that your trees are not growing as expected or just don’t seem to do well in spaces with heavier foot traffic. This is because soil can become compacted underfoot.

Air spading solves this problem quickly and efficiently. Using a simple compressed air jet, the soil has air blown into it, breaking it up. This allows roots to absorb water and nutrients again, encouraging healthier growth.

Plant Health Care

Our plant health care services can involve everything from deep root fertilization to strategic pruning. If your trees are not growing as you want them to, contact us for a free consultation. We will help you put together a plan that addresses problems at the root and provides a better potential outcome for your trees. We are happy to offer this type of tree service in Franklin Township, from Zarephath to Franklin Park.

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