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Arbor Day Foundation launches campaign to celebrate Arbor Day at home

A new campaign designed to support our trees and our planet all while social distancing!

The Arbor Day Foundation has announced a social media campaign to plant 50,000 trees on behalf of people celebrating Arbor Day while following social distancing measures during the coronavirus pandemic. Through April 24 — the 148th observance of Arbor Day — the Foundation will plant one tree for each Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook user who posts a picture of a tree using the hashtag #ArborDayAtHome, up to 50,000 trees. Trees will be planted through the Foundation’s Replanting Our Nation’s Forests program, which prioritizes U.S. forests recovering from fire, storms, disease, insect damage, and other threats.

Celebrate #arbordayathome
Celebrate #arbordayathome

Each year, communities across the country observe Arbor Day by gathering for tree planting events. These Arbor Day celebrations promote cleaner air and water, protect wildlife in their natural habitats, and improve human health — all through planting and nurturing trees. In accordance with social distancing measures aimed at halting the spread of COVID-19, most 2020 Arbor Day celebrations were postponed or cancelled. The Arbor Day Foundation’s #ArborDayAtHome campaign aims to offer people opportunities to celebrate the holiday while maintaining safe social distancing.

From hiking among the trees to online learning and kid-friendly crafts. The site features a running feed of #ArborDayAtHome photos and posts on social media and a tally of how many trees have been planted with the hashtag. The Foundation also offers several options for tree planting, including purchasing a tree through its online nursery or planting trees in celebration or memory of loved ones.

About the Arbor Day Foundation
Founded in 1972, the Arbor Day Foundation has grown to become the largest nonprofit membership organization dedicated to planting trees, with more than one million members, supporters, and valued partners. During the last 47 years, more than 350 million Arbor Day Foundation trees have been planted in neighborhoods, communities, cities and forests throughout the world. Our vision is to help others understand and use trees as a solution to many of the global issues we face today, including air quality, water quality, climate change, deforestation, poverty and hunger.

As one of the world’s largest operating conservation foundations, the Arbor Day Foundation, through its members, partners and programs, educates and engages stakeholders and communities across the globe to involve themselves in its mission of planting, nurturing and celebrating trees. More information is available at

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