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All About PPE

Understand why Tree Care Workers need to wear safety equipment.
WHO: Tree Care Industry (PTC)  WHAT: PPE – Personal Protective Equipment  WHERE: On the field  WHEN:  At all times  WHY: To protect the body


* Here are some examples of what our crew members need to wear out in the field to be protected:


protect against blunt force trauma to the head. A helmet can be the difference
between life and death.


tools we use daily will cause permanent hearing damage if ear protection is not


are many potential hazards when it comes to our eyes. Branches from trees and
debris from the chipper pose a threat.


protect our hands from rope burn and other possible injuries. The gloves have a
coating that assists with grip.

“Safety is an Attitude | SAFETY! SAFETY! SAFETY!
Safety is top priority. Safety is a choice. Safety is an attitude. Safety
requires a commitment from each team member, as our decisions not only impact
our safety, but also the safety of our team members. Commit to hold yourself as
well as your fellow Crew members to creating and working in a safe manor.

Don’t be complacent. Complacency is when we get comfortable doing something time and time again. Becoming complacent causes a lack of respect
for the power of the equipment, as well as the dangers of our profession.”

-Tim Bruchez, Founder of Princeton Tree Care.


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