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Our Mission

Enhancing Lives, Communities, and Our Planet

Princeton Tree Care is based in Princeton, New Jersey with services available throughout Central New Jersey and Southeastern Pennsylvania. Our mission is the genuine care of your vibrant, life-giving trees. We also commit to professional service for our clients, whether you are a homeowner or a business owner. The Princeton Tree Care experience enhances lives, improves community, and fulfills the needs of our planet.

Our Roots

From Seed to Sapling and Beyond

After Sandy in Princeton, New Jersey, a father and son armed with their camping axes took to the streets of their neighborhood to assist in clearing downed trees from across driveways. What started as an act of service quickly grew into a passion. Princeton Tree Care was formed in 2013, set on becoming one of New Jersey’s premier tree care servicesS

Our Philosophy

New Jersey’s Premier Tree Service

Our philosophies are focused on proper tree care and health. Through proper care, we can extend the stay of our valuable life giving trees. Utilizing proactive maintenance and pruning techniques, we greatly increase our safety while helping to protect the structure of our timber friends.

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