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A New Landmark: 5 Million Tree Planters Around the Globe

"In March 2019, the Arbor Day Foundation publicly launched its Time for Trees™ initiative – our most ambitious set of goals to date."

In March 2019, the Arbor Day Foundation publicly launched its Time for Trees™ initiative – our most ambitious set of goals to date. Our mission is to plant 100 million trees by Arbor Day of 2022, the 150th anniversary of Arbor Day. As of June 30, 2020, we counted 5.8 million individuals engaged in our mission to inspire people to plant nurture and celebrate trees.  

We are proud and excited to have inspired so many people around the world to take action for their environment, their health, and their local economies by planting trees. We thank individuals and communities like the ones below for sharing our vision of a greener, healthier, and more equitable world. But we also know our work is far from done. And that’s why we must remain committed to pursuing our commitment to plant 100 million trees in forests and communities worldwide by 2022, rallying even more tree planters to help us achieve this landmark goal.

Martin and Carmen plant a sustainable future in Haiti

Earlier this year, the Arbor Day Foundation partnered with Plant with Purpose to plant trees in areas affected by severe drought and frequent hurricanes. In combination with soil conservation methods, tree planting helps prevent erosion and ensure protection against continued natural disasters. It also supports the livelihoods of local farmers like Martin, allowing them to increase their food production and income.

In the Dominican Republic, Martin was eager to join a tree-planting group to help his community. Plant with Purpose offered Martin and his neighbors with training in sustainable land management, tree planting and fruit production. So far this year, Martin and his wife, Carmen, have added dozens of citrus trees to groves where they were already growing cacao. Many of their neighbors also have joined the tree-planting group and are taking better care of their land. Together, they have planted thousands of trees this year. Now, as Martin looks to the future, he hopes to increase production in his land through continued participation in the tree-planting group. He envisions his community continuing to grow deeper in confidence and building a better and more sustainable future.  

Martin and Carmen in a grove of trees near their home

300 Neighbors in Santa Rosa Green Their Community Despite COVID-19 Challenges

The Coffey Park neighborhood is doing its part to help rebuild Santa Rosa, California following the devastating Tubbs Fire of 2017. The Coffey Strong neighborhood group was forced to cancel its in-person Arbor Day celebrations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, organizers quickly changed their plans to make the project a success.

More than 350 trees were planted after the organizers started an email campaign to keep tree planters up to date on their efforts to get trees planted during an unprecedented time. Through the Coffey Strong effort, homeowners were able to take delight in having the trees delivered to their homes. The trees brought hope, cheer and optimism to a community set on rebuilding during a very troubling time.

Arbor Day Foundation Members Make a Difference

Since launching Time for Trees, millions of members have planted trees in their own yards and neighborhoods. In the 2020 fiscal year alone, members planted nearly 3.7 million trees million trees – each of which directly fulfills the Foundation’s mission.

These trees will make a tremendous impact. As they grow, they are estimated to remove more than 21,400 tons of chemical air pollution, filter nearly 586 tons of particulate matter, and sequester 268,000 metric tons of carbon.  Neighborhood trees also offer countless benefits in our everyday lives, from preserving energy and cooling streets and parks to improving our mental and physical health.

The Time for Trees initiative offers a simple, yet powerful strategy to preserve the necessities of life on Earth that are becoming increasingly compromised, as well as reverse the damage done by climate change. With 5 million tree planters — and counting — our goal of planting 100 million trees by 2022 is quickly becoming a reality.


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