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5 Trees That Require Next to No Maintenance

These trees are the some of the easiest to care for and are great for new homeowners
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1. Colorado Blue Spruce

Evergreens such as the blue spruce provide ample shade and privacy. These beautiful evergreens work for your neighborhood home just as well as a mountain resort.

On another note, the blue spruce may often reach impressive heights, even up to 80 feet. This towering height takes several years to achieve of course, but just make sure to plant your spruce at least 20 feet from your home to provide it plenty of room to grow.

If you want to add a little variety to your yard without the constant bother of pruning, the Colorado blue spruce is the perfect candidate.

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2. Sawtooth Oak

If you have an appetite for grandeur, consider the Asian sawtooth oak, a common shade tree in Colorado. This mature tree has the perfect combination of leafy foliage and drought resistance to provide beautiful shade while withstanding dry seasons.

With its mature height often spanning 60 feet, this tree provides an incredible amount of shade and fits well onto larger properties and backyards.

Celtis reticulata, Netleaf Hackberry, Southwest Desert Flora

3. Netleaf Hackberry

The daunting northern hackberry is a close relative to the netleaf, but you’ll find that the latter provides a smaller alternative that flourishes in domestic environments. Although the netleaf produces small berries, they often stay on the tree through the winter, minimizing debris.

This tree may achieve 50 feet in height, but it typically remains under 20 feet, especially in drier areas in Colorado. Its unique and bumpy bark gives a bit of variety to your yard without becoming anything too showy.

Alnus icana subsp. tenuifolia | Landscape Plants | Oregon State University

4. Mountain Alder

Also known as the thinleaf alder, this tree creates a bit of privacy without overpowering your yard. Although the tree often ends up as a large shrub, its size makes it look well in subtle landscaping around your home.

Usually ranging between 10 to 15 feet in height, the mountain alder provides simple leaves that flourish from April until August. This tree can complement any type of existing landscape.

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5. Autumn Blaze Maple

For a splash of color, use this shockingly red maple to enhance your fall foliage. This tree usually stays in check on its own, so it works well near streets and in front yards. Enjoy the beauty of this hardy tree almost year-round. This tree also deals well with dry environments, so it makes a great addition for any
Colorado yard.

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