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5 of the best real Christmas Tree

A collection of our top 5 traditional Christmas trees.

1. Norway spruce

Norway Spruce Christmas Tree
The Norway Spruce Christmas tree is quite spiky CREDIT: ANDREW CROWLEY

The bright green, bushy Norway Spruce has a lovely Christmassy scent, but quickly drops its dense, spiky needles so it’s not great for young children and can be quite high maintenance. If you’re keen on this variety, wait until later in December, make sure you water it regularly and try to keep it away from radiators. A good-value outdoor option.

2. Nordmann Fir

Nordmann fir Christmas tree

It’s slightly more expensive than a Norway spruce and has little fragrance however, it’s tough and crucially retains its needles for longer. The trees, which were originally found in south Russia, have a reliably symmetrical shape with a wide base and dark green, broad needles. The foliage is soft and glossy, which make it child-friendly. A good low-maintenance indoor option and great for larger decorations and baubles because of its branching patterns which really show them off.

3. Blue spruce

The needles of this tree have a lovely silver-blue tinge, which makes it a popular option, although they are rather prickly. The tree holds its needles well and they generally have a good symmetrical form.

4. Fraser fir

It’s not dissimilar in shape to the Norway spruce, but popular American fir the Fraser doesn’t drop its needles as quickly. It also has a more narrow base – making it ideal for tight spaces. It’s now the best selling Christmas tree in the US, and also has a lovely, aromatic fragrance.

5. Serbian spruce

Similar to the Norway spruce, but with slightly better needle retention. These trees have an attractive blue underside to the needles and have a lovely slender shape making them suited to smaller homes or corridors. They’re increasingly popular in central Europe and look great with simpler decorations or just a string of pretty lights. Best to buy this tree in mid-late December to reduce the amount of needle drop.

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