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12 Days of Tree Tips

Find out the great benefits of buying a real Christmas tree.
When it comes to Christmas trees some people like real trees, others like fake ones, and then there are a few that would be fine with either. According to Don’, they have reviewed helpful advice as to why and how to buy real Christmas trees and neat ideas on some holiday decor.
  1. Perks on Getting a Real Tree: Cypress trees are mostly grown in the USA or Canada. This supports local farms and small businesses. Also, they are good to the environment since they can be used for mulch. Around the nation, most municipalities have a county composting facilities with curbside or depot pickup after the holiday is over. Not to mention, the nostalgic smell of pine a real tree can produce.
  2. Cutting Down Your Own Tree: If you’re up for a new adventure and challenge, this is the one for you. Picking out a tree and cutting it down with your family or loved one can be a new tradition you’d like to establish. It might even save you money cutting down the tree yourself since permits run about $5.00 each.
  3. Serve Others: Maybe trees are not really your thing, but find somebody who’s in need of a tree and surprise them with this cheerful gift.
  4. Make Your Money Worthwhile: When buying a tree from a vendor, study up on their credentials or reviews. This will verify how trustworthy their product is and they complied with all state regulations.
  5. Identifying the PERFECT Tree: Pick out a tree that has rich, green needles and springy soft branches.
  6. Travel Safely: Wrap trees with a reusable tarp or large burlap bag. Make sure your tree is tied up nice and tight onto your car :).
  7. Think of the Future: Christmas trees with root balls rarely survive being transplanted in winter. Stick with a cut, local, tree for your holiday display and use the money you save to buy a healthier sapling in springtime!
  8. Decoration Time: Make homemade and inexpensive garlands, wreaths, and table arrangements from Christmas tree cuttings and other local materials. Re-use!
  9. Helpful Hint: When creating homemade decorations, take care not to use invasive species like Asian Bittersweet or Multiflora rose.
  10. Centerpieces: Your local park has tons of pine cones you can use to decorate your home. All you need is a bowl and then put the
  11. Take Caution: Dispose of small holiday greenery at a municipal compost facility, or in your regular trash. Don’t throw them out in a brush pile or your home compost– they could contain  weed seeds or foreign bugs that can infest the trees around your house.
  12. GO GREEN!: Recycle your Christmas tree whenever possible. Look for information specifically to your area.


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