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10 of the Best Indoor Plants for Newbies

It can be difficult to maintain large plants or plants in general, though it doesn't have to be

1 Snake Plant

Snake plants are quite forgiving and easy to care for. They are beautiful looking plants who are a bit slow when it comes to growing so there’s really no need to repot them for a bit. They like the temperature to be a bit humid and warm. They’re also not too high maintenance when it comes to light exposure. They can make do with any type of light exposure.

Spider Plants: How to Grow and Care for Spider Plants | The Old Farmer's  Almanac

2 Spider Plant

Spider plants are good communicators, which is why they’re a great plant for beginners. When they need water, the tips of their leaves will get brown. When they are being overwatered, their long leaves will flop and look waterlogged. If they get a lot of sun, the lighter variegation will get wider; and when they are in a darker place, the stripes will get narrower or disappear.

When they’re happy for a few weeks at a time, they’ll produce “spiderettes,” which are baby versions of themselves. You can easily transplant the spiderettes to create new plants.

3 Moon Orchid

Orchids have the reputation for being difficult to care for, but modern orchids are much hardier, especially the Phalaenopsis, which comes in a variety of colors. This is the kind you’ll see in a variety of colors in grocery and home goods stores.

Orchids like a moist environment and partial sun, so a bathroom or kitchen shelf could be a perfect spot for them. A spritz of water once a week is all they need — overwatering is a common mistake. They prefer cooler indoor temperatures and don’t like direct sun, so they’ll do best in a place that gets some indirect light every day.

EC91 EXACT Cleistocactus strausii Silver Torch Cactus in 6" Container -  Wedding Succulent Favors for Sale Bulk Succulents

4 Silver Torch Cacti

Because this small plant is a cactus it will need ample amount of time in the sun. At least six hours a day or else it would not grow at the rate it should. You should also water it every three to four weeks to keep it alive and well. Since cacti have roots that are a bit shallow make sure to water it away from the center of the plant itself.

5 Pearl of Nurnberg Echeveria

Echeveria are circular succulents, and this variety has greyish-green leaves with pink highlights (the more sun it gets, the pinker it will be). They need plenty of sun, and watering every couple of weeks is enough. Echeveria are a great succulent to learn from because they are especially hardy and will grow to a pleasing size of about 6 inches across. Be careful not to overwater and make sure that liquid doesn’t collect in the leaves, which can rot the core of the plant. Expect pink and yellow flowers in the summer.

Chinese Money Plant With Pot – Highgate Flowers

6 Money Plant

This small plant need just a bit of light but full expose to the sun might be too much for it. You can also water it weekly. Though besides that this plant can really handle its own. This plant will produce offshoots that come from the stem’s base, to keep them just place them in soil to help it grow!

7 Prayer Plant

This is a low-light plant that thrives in humid environments. It might make a great addition to your bathroom, where it will get doused with warm, damp air regularly. Although it likes humidity, it doesn’t want wet roots — in the tropical areas where it grows, rain is often caught by plants and trees higher up in the forest, leaving less water to get to the plant’s roots.

Prayer plants are not difficult to care for, but they do like a particular type of environment. This is a good option for beginners who have appropriate homes.

8 Florist Kalanchoe

Red Kalanchoe Potted Plant — Pacific Royal

9 Peace Lily

Peace lilies are ideal for beginners because they communicate well, like spider plants. They will get floppy leaves if they are watered too much or not watered enough (just touch the top of the soil to determine which one), and will get brown edges and start to curl if left too long without enough water. They need some light, but not direct sun, and can do fine in a relatively shady spot. Make sure that they are watered regularly but don’t let them sit in water.

How to Grow Aloe Vera - Aloe Plant Care Indoors and Outside

10 Aloe Vera

This plant is great for those who are new or unfamiliar with plant care. These plants are easy to grow and very useful as well. Some cool uses for this plant can be to clip off a small stalk of it to use as a face mask, treat a burn, and even cool down a sunburn. This plant need a lot of sun and it should also not be overwatered but this is easy to maintain.

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