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10 Amazing Tree Stump Ideas for the Garden

Tree Stump Ideas

1. Make a Tree Stump Planter

tree stump garden ideas (6)
tree stump garden ideas (13)

Make a beautiful tree stump planter in your garden. You can find a step by step tutorial here. For ideas and inspiration, check out our post on “tree stump planter ideas“.

2. Create a Pot Stand

pot stand
tree stump garden ideas (10)
tree stump garden ideas (2)

If you don’t want to make a planter, save yourself from labor by making a tree stump pot stand. If you’re not satisfied with the natural looks and to protect the wood from deterioration, varnish or paint that tree stump pot stand.

3. Make an Aged Moss Stump

tree stump garden ideas (9)

If the stump is in a moist, dark and humid place, you can grow moss on it to give it an ancient look.

4. Design a Beautiful Fairy Garden

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tree stump garden ideas (4)

Fantasize, imagine and experiment to design a tree stump fairy garden. If you have children take help of them, ask them what to do with it. They’ll love it. Make windows, doors, and roof and attach the ladder. Put figurines of gnomes, butterflies, lizards, birds, sorts of cartoon characters or create a small island, a magical house, something very pleasing for your kids.

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5. Decorative Art

tree stump garden ideas (14)

Think you are an artist, a painter. Paint unpretentious designs on the tree stump. You don’t have to create a masterpiece, but something that will describe you and look interesting in itself. You can also decorate the tree stump in patterns or use a mosaic technique to make it stylish and beautiful.

6. Make Board Games for Kids

tree stump game

Smartphone kids don’t play the board games like past generations. So, why not paint something on a tree stump that will entice them to play. It can serve as an excellent platform for intellectual games such as checkers and chess.

7. Garden furniture

tree stump garden ideas (15)
tree stump garden ideas (7)
Modern-Tree-Trunks garden furniture

An excellent option is to use tree stumps to make garden furniture. They can be stools or chairs. Carve out their shape in a style just the way you want. Mini-tables or stool can be used to put garden pots or to keep fruits and beverages. You can also attach a small stump countertop of any shape. Decorate it or keep it simple, and the dining table for your garden is ready. Free of cost and most importantly it is made of environment-friendly material.

8. Illuminated Tree Stump

tree stump lighting

Stumps can be used for garden lighting. This is one of the coolest tree stump ideas here we’ve listed. More information you can find on the link given above.

9. Garden Decor and Sculpture

tree stump garden ideas (12)
tree stump garden ideas (5)
tree stump ideas

If you are a DIY lover, this is for you. Tree stumps can serve as an excellent material for those who love carving or who want to try something new. You can make wonderful crafts: Animal figures, fairy tale characters or garden scarecrow. All you need is a lot of tree stumps. Be creative and invent something of your own.

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10. Decorative Mushrooms out of Tree Stumps

mushroom tree stump

These mushrooms are made out of tree stumps in a style. Both leg and mushroom caps are carved out of stump wood and painted in the appropriate color.

More Tree Stump Ideas

Children Playhouse

tree stump garden ideas (11)

Garden Path

tree stump garden ideas (3)

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Bird Bath

tree stump garden ideas (16)

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